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Professional Services

Wizcom provides consulting services to the following industry sectors, Telecom, Finance, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals and High-Tech manufacturing. We provide high quality, professional IT consulting services at competitive prices to meet your specific needs and can readily assist you whether you are looking:

  • To augment current staff, to meet critical dead lines and/or to meet ongoing service support needs
  • For expertise to determine the feasibility of a project and select the appropriate technology
  • To evaluate and review a solution
  • For lead managerial and technical personnel for the duration of the project

Our strengths:

  1. Project Management: Our management team and consultants apply a structured project management methodology to the work we perform for our customers including the "hard" skills of task analysis, estimating, scheduling, and change management.
  2. Business Process: Our employees understand that the projects they contribute to are critical to the customer's business processes and, consequently, approach their work with that in mind. Some of the areas our employees and management have experience & expertise in include customer care & billing, product development, financial operations & reporting, sales & sales management, enterprise resource planning, and manufacturing.
  3. Software Life Cycle Management: Our employees are required to apply software life cycle management discipline to all and any work, especially when the customer does not. Our employees are capable of adapting their discipline to the customers’ quality practices as well.


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